A Day in the Life: Prita Gopiram

Campus Coordinator

Los Angeles

5 am → 9 am

Yep…5 am. I think it’s important to spend the first few hours of the work day with some time for myself. I wake up, meditate for 10 minutes, drink some pre-workout, and then workout for an hour. I then make some fresh celery juice, chai and a protein shake, and get ready for the day. Not sure when I became such a morning freak, but I enjoy this routine.

On my way to work I usually listen to upbeat rap from my favorite artists which include (but not limited to) J.Cole, Kendrick, and Joyner Lucas.

9 am → 12 pm

My work day can be pretty different depending on what projects I’m working on. I usually start off with making sure staff and visitors coming into the office are good to go with access codes. The mornings are usually filled with meetings, puppy love from our campus dog, and many cups of tea.

1 pm → 2 pm

Lunchtime! On days when there are many people in the office we order lunch. During this time we like to all have lunch together in the cafeteria.

2 pm → 6 pm

Although I don’t get to see many people in person on the day-to-day, I do enjoy the in-person meetings with my team that I get to have. Here is what a meeting in the courtyard of BUCK LA looks like with Miguel Beltran.

One of the many things I do at BUCK includes assisting and coordinating BUCK events. Here are a few pictures from our amazing Summer party at the Houdini Estate that happened a few weeks back.

6 pm → 10 pm

My evening usually involves either a nice glass of wine with dinner while I watch a feel good show or a movie night at the theaters at the Grove with some friends.

I try to get a few pages in of a good book before I call it a night. I’m currently re-reading “Think Like A Monk” by Jay Shetty. Love a good self-help book to keep my mental health in order.