A Day in the Life: Surabhi Rathi

Strategy Director

Los Angeles

7 am → 8 am

Mornings are my favorite — zen and zesty. I begin my day with warm water, lemon, and honey – a drink that I crave every single morning no matter where in the world I am. Then, it's onto pranayama with my partner. We're the sunrise squad, breathing good vibes and sipping our zesty concoctions, making each morning blissful.

8 am → 9 am

Welcome to my no-meeting zone — the ultimate focus block. Here, I dive into the world of Slack and emails, wrangle with my calendar, and prep for the impending hustle. It's my chance to reconnect with folks and firmly grip the reins of my schedule. At this point, I aim to craft my day by rearranging meetings like a game of Jenga.

9 am → 12 pm

This segment of the day is undoubtedly the busiest, marked by a series of back-to-back meetings that seamlessly blend into one another. The blending is by design, as I find the cross-disciplinary learning to be invaluable.

As a strategist at BUCK, there’s never a dull moment!

In addition to working on some of the most exciting brands in the world, Strategy at BUCK takes many different forms ranging from helping our clients envision their future to molding the precise messaging that goes into their social media posts.

My meetings predominantly consist of workshops with other strategists that spark ideas, talks with creatives that shed light, and conversations with clients that offer invaluable insights. I absolutely love what I do, especially doing it alongside the fantastic team at BUCK.

12 pm → 1 pm

By this time, I’m super hungry. I love making salads. I often forage from our rooftop garden and make a fun colorful salad for lunch. This is also the time when I’ll catch up on some world news in the background. I tend to my plants, soak in some sun, and take a screen break (it’s really hard, but I try).

1 pm → 5 pm

Work continues with some one-on-one catch-ups with other strategists, our department head, and some virtual coffee hangouts.

The core of the Strategy practice lies in the pursuit of clarity and the art of crafting compelling narratives. These narratives are rooted in a deep knowledge of our clients' business goals, the competitive landscape they operate in, the audience they serve, and the broader understanding of culture and its implication. The most exhilarating facet of my role is shaping the strategies that govern how these brands present themselves to the world.

5 pm → 6 pm

As I approach the end of day, I usually snack a little before heading for a workout or a game of tennis with my partner, or a long walk by the water. We catch the sunset and head back home.

6 pm → 11 pm

As we wind down, I look forward to a home-cooked meal, with some feel-good TV, and a nice book. Right now, I’m reading Bruce Mau's 24 Principles for Designing Massive Change in Your Life and Work and Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals.

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