Introducing Residence

A new initiative from BUCK.

We’d like to introduce you to Residence, a new initiative from BUCK.

Residence is an interdisciplinary community helping innovative, creative talent grow and thrive across art, business, and culture.

In its simplest form, Residence is a network of companies that are all rooted in creativity. Every member company is a partner in Residence and will direct its future.

Networks are nothing new. They’re everywhere. But we’re trying something different here.

Residence isn’t about “boosting the bottom line” or creating “end-to-end solutions” or any of the usual stuff people say when they’re building a network.

Residence is a promise to be a people-focused group based on a shared vision and values.

  • We want to be a beacon for the world’s brightest minds and most creative people.
  • We want to create new opportunities to do things no one has dreamed of before.
  • We want to enable greater access to creative careers and foster the flourishing of creative talent wherever it may be.

We’ve been searching for other companies that value people, craft, and creativity the way we do. Now that we’ve found some of them, we decided to band together. There’s strength in numbers.

Together, we’re building a place with unprecedented commercial and creative potential for its members. A place that enables people to take risks, innovate, and grow. A place that connects and empowers the world’s most talented, creative people.

To hold ourselves accountable to these promises, we’ll conduct yearly audits and report our findings. We’ll share our plans for continuous improvement—and we’ll be honest if we fall short.

While Residence is helmed by BUCK leadership, BUCK is just one of the founding companies. Others include Anyways, If You Could, Giant Ant, It's Nice That, VTProDesign, and Creative Lives in Progress.

And there are more to come.

Head over to the Residence website to learn more.