Arab-American Heritage Month


For Arab-American Heritage Month, a small team of keen BUCKers took all the things that make this culture great and packed it into a bold, type-focused, and celebratory AR filter that is 100% certified Habibi.

Adaptable Kufi Font

Taking influence from Latin & Arabic text and the Kufi Calligraphy style, a bespoke font was the starting point that binds this whole experience together.

The Arabic Kufi style is famous for its decorative and geometric forms, conceived to embellish writing on parchment. We decided to apply those rules to a Latin typeface by creating both condensed and expanded versions of the letters.

The challenge was to create a typeface in two languages that would compliment each other visually and geometrically, in order to achieve a perfectly orbiting loop.

Between Two Worlds AR Filter

Finally we were able to create a filter that lands on an orbiting typeface in two languages, which alludes to the balancing of two multifaceted cultures.

The second phase of the filter is the orbiting stickers that encompass the most humorous aspects of Arabic culture, alternating between 5 different sets of compositions.



Creative Director

Yker Moreno

Junior Designer

Ayla Mortada

C4D Animator

Mohammed Elberkawi

Creative Technologist

Deena Baum

2D Animator

Nicole Pappas

AR Lead

Kirin Robinson