Amazon One


We help Amazon unveil their revolutionary new technology designed to harness “The Power of You” with a couple introductory videos. I know we were promised jetpacks and flying cars, but this is the next best thing.

New tech can be scary.

Amazon One makes your wallet and IDs obsolete by putting all of that info (literally) in the palm of your hand. In a world where touchless payments are in increasing demand, Amazon One answers the call with biometric technology straight out of a science fiction movie that allows customers the option to leave the wallet at home with a super fast checkout alternative.

Our job was to demonstrate the convenience, safety, and security of this new tech while shying away from the anxiety that new tech can sometimes produce. Embrace change and imagine a brave new world without pickpockets or wallet chains.

Getting the look right

We went with simple sets that wouldn’t distract from our characters. Tactile materials helped to keep this from feeling too ‘tech-y’. At every turn, we worked to humanize our characters through small details — hair, wardrobe, and accessories were all key to getting it right.

Like all of us at BUCK, Zoey, our hero character, LOVES cats (what are the odds, right?) We infused her apartment with her love of felines. From a painting on the wall, to a framed photo, to her cat paw keychain, Zoe’s love of cats helps to make her feel like a fully-flushed out character.

A Day in the Life

We wanted to present a ‘day in the life’ of a character effortlessly using the new Amazon One tech as they go through their typical day. We developed a bio and backstory to each character that would drive their behaviors and movements and we created interactions that would juxtapose the convenience of the Amazon One with ‘the old way’ of doing things.

Tying our character-driven story together was fun, relatable situational humor that we used as an accent for our vignettes.

Because we were showcasing people’s hands throughout
the spots, we strived to give them an instantly identifiable
personality of their own.



Group Creative Director

Jenny Ko

Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Associate Creative Director

Audrey Yeo


Andrew Chan Gladstone

Bridgette Spalding

CG Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

CG Lead

Kien Hoang

Animation Lead

Peter DeSalvo


Tristyn Pease


Carmel Gatchalian

Cecilia Chang Lee

Clemence Thune

Dan Muangprasert

Hyung Soon Joo

Jigyu Yoon

Jonas Mosesson

Julia Mattos

Morgan Schweitzer

Rafael Bessa


Alfonso Petersen

Elias Glasch

Irmak Semiz

Kien Hoang

Kintan Chauhan

Rigging Supervisor

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco


Jing Huang

Lighting/Look Dev/Comp

Chloe Tu

Dennys Herman

Irmak Semiz

Joshua Studebaker

Kien Hoang

3D Animation & Previs

Christopher Meek

Hillary McCarthy

Josh Baum

Peter DeSalvo

Sam Ortiz

2D Animation

Drew Wiebe

Fabian Morison


Paal Rui