Racial inequality is endemic in every aspect of American society, from healthcare and education to housing and employment. As our industry grapples with its own complicity in the problem, we, at BUCK, are looking inward. We recognize that the process of rooting out systemic racism within our industry must include substantive change and we must start with educating ourselves and scrutinizing our practices.

BUCK’s lack of diversity, especially in leadership, is a problem we need to rectify. Since our founding, we have relied on art schools and our jobs page as our main recruitment tools, but we realize now that those tools alone are inadequate. We are committed to enacting change in our recruiting, mentoring, and hiring practices.

Below are the immediate actions we are taking across our entire organization to fight racism and increase equality and diversity at BUCK.

  • We will initiate unconscious bias training for all staff.
  • We are working with Paradigm IQ to conduct a diversity and inclusion analysis of our workplace. We will publish key findings in the coming weeks and will evaluate ourselves annually.
  • We will use our diversity and inclusion survey results to guide an education curriculum and partnership plan.
  • We created a committee with representation from BIPOC, women, and our LGBTQ+ community to create initiatives for the immediate future as well as a long-term strategy. We have committed a substantial budget to drive their efforts.
  • In order to guarantee pay equality and equity, we scrutinized the salary and promotion rationale for every role in the organization, ensuring that every position has a clearly defined job description, salary band and growth strategy and course corrected any inconsistencies.
  • We developed a performance review system that allows all team members the ability to celebrate their achievements and define their growth opportunities.
  • We are matching all employee and freelance donations to organizations that are fighting for the rights and protection of the Black community.
  • We have committed to an annual budget that will ensure every employee has ongoing education in diversity and inclusion. We do this in order to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves, use their voice and their talent without hesitation, and all team members have equal opportunities to succeed.

This is only the beginning of what will be an ongoing effort to affect tangible changes in ourselves and our industry. We’re committed to this long term and will be transparent and accountable as we work to achieve these goals. We welcome feedback and ideas from anyone who would like to help us move forward.

Peace, love, and respect,