Sophia works as a baker’s assistant but every chance she gets she’s pouring herself into some unseen passion project. The story is about her letting go of her insecurities and putting her creativity out there in the world. Even if she needed a nudge from her dog to finally do it.

We had to be very economical in our storytelling so we used her apartment and all the loving details in the set design as a way to convey Sophia’s character. Her hair, which she often hides, is a metaphor for her creativity. In the finale, it finally bursts free in all its frizzy glory.

We wanted to create a world that felt real and lived-in with a grittiness and vitality that would give this story the proper emotional weight. We built on the lessons we learned on our beloved Tinder project and mixed handmade, practical sets with CG characters.

This is one of the most ambitious projects we’ve ever embarked on. The large city set built entirely in miniature was the size of half a basketball court. It took over 19 weeks! We made 64 bakery boxes, 160 practical buildings, and 560 miniature breads (among a zillion other details). The total data for Sophia’s hair alone took up 1.5TB. That’s a lot of hair, yo.

We’re in it for the love of the game...

...but it’s nice to be recognized now and again for your hard work. Share Your Gifts garnered multiple Gold Cannes Lions, Clios, D&AD awards, ADCs, Webbys, and a couple dozen other lovely accomadations, too numerous to mention.

We were humbled and gratified by all the praise. It eases the pain of the carpal tunnel.