BBC2 Ident 2


In our follow up to the successful BBC indent campaign, we continue to explore an artful CG world through an exercise of resilience and experimentation.

A metaphorical puzzle.

The challenge that sprung from the BBC ident was this: How do we express inspiration without the usual tropes? How can we capture the feeling of self-improvement, community betterment, and positivity without all of the typical imagery one might expect?

Through the Looking Glass

Down the rabbit hole we went on a journey of trial and error that included creative writing, concept art, and experimentation. This exploration led us to our meta theme — a theme that echoed the creative voyage we had just undertaken.

Nature and the human spirit—specifically the resiliency they share in their determination to grow, overcome, and come back stronger—was the idea we kept returning to.

Big, Bold, & Colorful Solutions

The art became increasingly indicative of an organic phenomenon, with root-like tendrils growing from mycological organisms and flower buds sprouting from glossy, water-like surfaces, eventually blooming into prismatic, floral textures made up of blue and pink petals.

The end result is a symbolic tribute to the spirit of perseverance.



Group Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Associate Creative Director

Chris Palazzo


Kevin Hall

Tracey McDonough


Ben Rohel

Jose Fuentes

Paal Rui

CG Supervisor

Bill Dorais

Chris Phillips


Kevin Weber

Trevor Kerr

3D Design/Animation

Brendi Wedinger


Jason Pamment

Tim Beckhardt

Yeojin Shin


Adam Webber

Jeff Billon