The creative tech team came up with this idea for an interactive art piece to celebrate our 200k IG follower milestone.

We wanted to create a piece that bridged the divide between the physical and digital worlds. The result is our ever-evolving Bucky Wall that’s playful and fun with a simple, lo-fi, D.I.Y. vibe that channels more than a little of that Buckminster Fuller magic.

Q: Are those things fingers? Pickles? Hot dogs? Or ???
A: They’re whatever you want them to be ;)


The #buckuback hashtag is our way to celebrate and show appreciation to our loyal fan base. Each week we get oodles and oodles of truly inspired submissions. The winners of our weekly #buckuback contest get a quarter of a million eyeballs on their artwork and a place on the Bucky board in our L.A. office. The hashtag has also been a great way for us to scout new talent.

This piece grew organically in-house through trial and error. Frequently, we found ourselves back at the drawing board looking for new, innovative ways in.

We experimented with materials to find the perfect marriage of form and function. From 3-D printed mechanical guts to the quirky movements of our ‘hotdog-esque’ fingers. In the end, we created a fully-adaptable, interactive, art piece that we can use to display work, showcase talent, and even live-stream the office.