Cartoonito Wideload Vacay


Cartoon Network wanted something that would stand out in the crowded kid’s TV show space. So we pitched a scene with a 60ft Metal Demon Lord and another where the main character gets covered in poo. We expected a lot of pushback, but Cartoon Network loved it. Then they asked for “more poo.”

Take this job and love it.

Job #1 was to make the kids laugh. Secondary jobs included sneaking in some educational elements (“The Four C’s!”) and making it entertaining for adults as well.

We use the term “soup to nuts” here more than we should, but it was that kind of job. Concept development, writing, show production, VO talent, editing, you name it — we did it.

A crazy sprint later, we were delivering these three, unique :60 second episodes for them.

As far back as the pitch, we were aligned on the compositional idea to have the house truck anchored to the center of the screen as the world passes by. We felt that 2D was the best medium for this effect.

And we wanted to differentiate these from our Beepers work, another Cartoonito project that was going on at the same time.

Ideas would come quickly at first — from a sweaty jog to a brainstorm session. But then turning that into functional and funny dialogue proved to be a really challenging (and fun!) endeavor.

Our early character and animation tests really shaped our writing and vocal performances. We learned a lot through trial and error. Ultimately, getting on endless vocal sessions via Google Meet allowed us to test out our lines, see what worked and what didn’t, and improv the rest.

Our very own Jess Pierik took on the role of Charlie the Happy House for the scratch voiceover. The client loved it so much they asked she stay on for the real thing. Talented, that one.

Some initial design exploration looking at how these guys could move.

The combination of: audience (kids and adults), format (three 60-second episodes), timeline (4-6 weeks per episode), VO talent process (bi-costal remote recording sessions) combined to form an exciting* and delicious stew.

*mildly terrifying

The client was fantastic — a dream collaboration. They really trusted us to go wild with the style and the writing so long as the story worked and we were hitting our marks. Super clear notes like “make sure the poop ‘reads’ when it lands on his head” are always appreciated.



Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Jay Brooker

Jeff Ellermeyer

Joe Nash

Kirsten Collabolletta

Nick Carmen

Creative Director

Sean McClintock


Andre Araujo

Billy Mack

Art Director

Max Vogel

Animation Director

Chad Colby

2D Animation Lead

Johan Eriksson


Chad Colby

Junyi Xiao

Sean McClintock

Thomas Schmid

Tinghe Yang

Trystin Pease

Tucker Klein


Ben Nichols

Johan Eriksson

Jose Flores

Justin Cassano

Kenni Huang

Kyle Strope

Sean McClintock

Yker Moreno

2D Animation

"Andy's Archipelago" by John Dalton Harts

Dan Cantelm

Diego Abad

Esteban Esquivo

Fabien Rousseau

Gilles Desmadrille

Lisa Kim

Matty Deans

Nick Petley

Paola Chen

Sean Merk

Timo Prousalis

Zackary Miller

Cel Animation

Tinghe Yang


Cameron Kelly

Dave Conte

Peter Brandi



Heather Laird


Music Studio



Alexander Taub

Spencer Casey

Wilson Brown

Sound Designer

Matthew Ryals

Spencer Casey

Yuta Endo

Creative Director

Wilson Brown

Audio Mix