Enterprises today are in a race to integrate AI and reap the benefits of the efficiencies and capabilities it promises. But without good data, AI can be less than trustworthy. The solution? Cloudera, a leader in cloud computing and data management with more than a decade of experience. Cloudera approached us to help build awareness among key decision-makers with a campaign that positioned them as a trusted guide on the journey to enterprise AI.

Trust Your Data

Although a respected heavy hitter, Cloudera was facing new competitive challenges. They needed to reframe their offering for the AI era, and share their unique value in a powerful way. With their years of experience managing epic amounts of data — a truly mission-critical task in the digital age — they had something that new competitors could not claim: trust. The concept of trustworthiness aligned perfectly with the concerns around AI, because if you can’t trust your data, you can’t trust your AI.

Campaign Platform: Bringing It All Together

We worked closely with Cloudera’s team to establish a campaign platform and messaging framework that would resonate with decision-makers. Our shared goal was to speak to trust in a bold and engaging way, cutting through the AI-marketing noise. We developed a messaging platform that balanced credible authority and quippy colloquialisms with a visual system using vibrant color and eclectic illustrations. The result was a dynamic approach that emphatically positions Cloudera in the marketplace, while shaking up the idea of what a data company “should” look and sound like.

Campaign Creative Approach

Illustration became a primary driver of the campaign, allowing us to connect punchy messaging to clever visual metaphors. Taking inspiration from the style of technical drawings and airline safety brochures, we cast this sensibility through a more vibrant and playful lens. The result is a colorful world of disco balls, rocket ships, monster trucks, and everything in between — all brought to life in a hero film that explores the journey to enterprise AI, as expertly guided by Cloudera.



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