Devsisters "Brixity"


Devsisters, the game developers behind Cookie Run, asked BUCK to create a promotional film for the launch of their new, world-building game, Brixity. They wanted an exciting, colorful, origin story to get people excited about the game’s backstory and celebrate Brix, the main characters and building blocks of the game.

To create intrigue and excitement for the launch we created a snappy, high-energy, mixed-media extravaganza. The film seamlessly shifts between bespoke animations in 3D and 2D, gameplay footage, and is all woven together in a single narrative.

Brixity can be played by anyone so we showcased a broad range of in-game builds from simple structures that a child could do to the elaborately complex works of a master craftsperson. We also wanted to capture the humor, fun, and quirky personalities of the Pipos who populate the game.

We packed a lot of punch into 90 seconds — a Sistine Chapel recreation, an homage to American Beauty, lasagna jokes, you name it — and we had so much fun playing with Brix.

If Devsisters wants to make the full Brixity musical next year, we’ll be ready.



Executive Creative Director

Vincent Lammers

Executive Producer

Chance Woodward

Associate Creative Director

Mandy Smith

Senior Producer

Jamey Kitchens

Production Coordinator

Benedicte Gold-Dalg

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Joao Rema

Senior Art Director

Fabrizio Lenci

Animation Director

Daniel Rodrigues


Dave Evans

Brooke Kessler

Mandy Smith


Christo Silveira

Santiago Gonzalez

Anna Moessnang

Yana Abramova

Lea Zhang

Bianca Beneduci

Sonal Jadhav


Regina Cicone


Melissa van het Spijker

3D Artists

Sonal Jadhav

Manon Sailly

Saskia Bulletti

3D Animation

Christine Jaudoin

Alex Alabadi Aragó

2D Animation

Greta Sennekamp

Jardeson Rocha

Andres Cuevas

Cel Animation

Joe Sparkes

Santiago Gonzalez


Pete Szijarto

Cameron Kelly


Creative Director

Jennifer Wu

Design Lead

Vi Viet