DoorDash App Illustration System


As part of a product-wide refresh, DoorDash tapped BUCK to create a new, custom illustration style and guidelines for its app. We developed nearly 200 illustrations — from food to home to retail — to show off all the products you can have dashed to your door. We systematized the new designs into a set of illustration guidelines for DoorDash’s internal team and collaborators (including our friends at Giant Ant!) to reference in future work.

BUCK closely collaborated with DoorDash’s internal team, beginning with an in-person workshop where we explored a range of illustration and visual identity styles.

We quickly established three unique concepts to be reviewed by core stakeholders at DoorDash and, after the workshop’s success, they came back to us to build out their selected illustration language and brand refresh.

Friendly & Iconic

We set out to create an illustration style that is friendly, iconic, and able to be read quickly — since most of these illustrations live on a small screen within the DoorDash app. After creating the guidelines and ensuring that the icons are legible at small scale, we then focused on bringing them to life.

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Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Kim Stephens

Justin Harris

Head of Strategy

Marla Moore


Andre Araujo

Rusty Van Riper

Production Coordinator

Alex Belsky

Art Director

Justin Cassano

Brand Strategy Director

Surabhi Rathi

Brand Strategist

Asia Hunt


Ben Nichols

Sam Lee

Matthew Kam

Jose Flores

Julia Chu

Aleksander Saharovsky

Nikko Gary

2D Animation

Johan Eriksson

Nicole Pappas

Yinan Liang

Meitar Almog

Giant Ant

Executive Creative Director

Jay Grandin

Executive Producer

Teresa Toews

Associate Creative Director

Rafael Mayani


Melissa Buisán


Rafael Mayani

Fabio Valesini



Trevor Hyman

Senior Design Director

Shali Nguyen

Senior Design Director

Kara Fong

Design Director

Adriel Teles

Design Systems Manager

Camdem Asay

Design Systems Designer

Matthew Burg

Senior Design Systems Designer

Joe Jezowski

Principal Product Designer

Kevin Schaefer

Senior Graphic Designer

Julio Sotomayor

Senior Copy Lead

Rachel Dady