EA Sports FC 24


Help rebrand the biggest sports game in the world? We’d get a kick out of that! EA SPORTS asked us to develop the motion system behind the game EA SPORTS FC 24™, formerly known as FIFA.

Welcome to the Club

A symbol of change, needed a change of symbol. As football fanatics and players of the game ourselves, we knew this was a huge deal.

Uncommon Creative Studio helmed the rebrand, and brought BUCK onto the team to craft a complete motion system that furthered their design thinking and celebrated “the beautiful game.”

Foundations of the Modern Game

The motion system takes inspiration from the game of football itself, and builds upon the triangle shape which is so integral to the brand identity. The triangle gains a new energy, dynamism, and momentum once integrated into the motion system.

Our system uses holistic 2D animation and motion design to express football’s dynamic spirit in a way that feels poetic and bold while remaining true to the foundations of EA SPORTS FC.

Motion Principles

Our set of motion principles  distilled the movement of the game itself:

  • Trajectory: the straight path of the ball and its players
  • Formation: the careful dance of teamwork
  • Momentum: the forward drive of the game
  • Match Cuts: the frenetic energy that carries through from one thing to another

Our goal was to imbue the visual identity with the energy of the game to evoke how football feels, both as player and fan.

A Full Spectrum

Our holistic approach included a design system and a suite of assets for a wide spectrum of outputs — from in-game use to marketing and communications assets.

All in all, we made a whopping 1,028 animated compositions, including logos, animated backgrounds, transitions, lower thirds, end slates, accents, and an assortment of animated typography uses.

A Flexible Toolkit and Expansive Guidelines

Our custom AE toolkit for the EA SPORTS FC motion system gave the AE team flexibility to quickly and easily adjust aspect ratios, toggle light and dark color palettes, and update typography.

As a companion to our toolkit, we wrote a set of motion guidelines so that our system could be easily utilized and adapted by future EA SPORTS FC partners.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Creative Director

Jon Gorman

Associate Creative Director

Joyce N. Ho


Alex dos Santos

Andrew Chan Gladstone

Production Coordinator

Cody O'Neill

Brand Strategist

Asia Hunt

Head of 2D Animation

Peter Kallstrom

Mercy Lomelin

2D Animation Lead

Gilles Desmadrille

David Hobizal

Lead Creative Technologist

Cameron Browning


Eduardo Gooda

Technical Director

Ben Rohel

3D Animation

Jacky Jackson

Carol Erique

2D Animation

David Hobizal

Luke Barker

Yussef Cole

Sean Merk

Gilles Desmadrille

Nicole DiLeo

Nilsson Cajamarca

John Flores

Adam Smith

Rachael Park

Johan Eriksson

Andrew MacFarlane

Hannah Sun

Dan Cantelm

Ruoyu Wen


Sound Designer

Sarah Krohn

Audio Mix

Sarah Krohn

Case Study Video

Music Composer

Matthew Ryals