F8 2019


Facebook asked us to develop a graphics and animation package for their annual developers conference. We took their brand identity and created a motion language that would translate across every screen at the event.

The initial brand identity was a celebration of the Facebook family of apps. Each app was distilled down to a minimal icon, with a corresponding color gradient and glow.

We took a purist approach to the design, limiting our imagery to the icons only. Working within this constraint, the animation became a study on the scale of the shapes and how they moved in relation to the edge of the frame and each other.

Keynote Installation

One of the main deliverables, a screen installation, served as a backdrop to the keynote presentation.

Central Installation

At the center of the convention hall were five monolithic double-sided screens. On the outward-facing side, our animation played, looping between each app.

AR Scavenger Hunt

In conjunction with the Spark AR team at Facebook, we developed an AR scavenger hunt for the event.

Users received a postcard at registration inviting them to join the hunt via a custom Instagram effect we developed specifically for the conference.

We designed posters corresponding to one of the featured apps that were hidden around the event.

When users scan a poster it transforms into a living, abstract form.

Upon collecting all posters, it is revealed that users have one piece of a pair and must work together to combine the pieces like a puzzle.

The completed puzzle serves as the final AR target. After completing the hunt, users are rewarded with a take-home, animated AR effect.



Executive Creative Director

Ryan Honey

Executive Producer

Emily Rickard

Creative Director

Robert Bisi


Nick Carmen

Rebecca Park

Associate Creative Director

Andy Lyon


Audrey Yeo

Devin Mathews

Eddie Bong

Esther Moon

Jordan Lyle

Moses Journey


James Vogel

Jon Fitz

Moses Journey

Peter Kallstrom

Ramzi Hogan

Taylor Griggs