Facebook Portal Launch


Some client partnerships build lasting connections. With Facebook’s Portal, we’ve been on board since day one. Whether it’s their website, device renders, Storytime animations, holiday campaigns, or a complete revamp of their on-screen visual language — BUCK’s been on it.

A brand new look.

A revamped, on-screen, visual language, forged in close collaboration with the Portal team. Boot-up animations, color palettes, typography, illustrations, and onboarding all culminate to form a robust visual language that puts people first.

We’re on board.

From the moment you start Portal, an entire ecosystem of illustrations and animations comes to life — all with a warm, friendly, human touch.

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Our ongoing partnership with Portal continues with Storytime. AR animations, colorful characters, and plenty of great books have become part of our daily work flow.

We don’t just do in-device work for Portal. We do social and marketing campaigns too!

Campaigns to keep people feeling together year-round.