FedEx "Tall Tales of True Deliveries"


FedEx wanted to spotlight the heroes who literally go the extra mile: their couriers. We partnered with BBDO on “Tall Tales of True Deliveries,” telling the (almost) true stories of wild FedEx deliveries through an eye-catching mix of 2D and 3D elements.

Too Good to be (Totally) True

Our spots find FedEx couriers in mission-critical scenarios — delivering a skateboard to Tony Hawk, getting the rings to a wedding before it’s too late, and saving precious film negatives from deteriorating. To drive home the out-of-this-world stories and bridge the gap between reality and imagination, BUCK leaned into a painterly, graphic novel-style animation.

All Hands on Deck

These spots were a true testament to teamwork, with several BUCK departments owning a piece of the puzzle. Our teams worked synchronously across Design, 2D, 3D, CG, Live Action, Editing, and Production to bring FedEx’s tall tales to life. Through it all, our team could research, try new techniques, and traverse unfamiliar territories in storytelling.

A Very Special Delivery

For the last 20 years, FedEx has been delivering the Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl.

FedEx and BBDO wanted to celebrate this long-running NFL partnership by creating a dynamic experience for the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas that illustrates FedEx's vast and significant logistical network.

Each stanza of the experience illustrates a different aspect of FedEx’s logistics: air and ground shipping, distribution, and hand delivery.

An icon identifies the Lombardi trophy's location during each section until it's finally hand-delivered to the door of the Super Bowl.

Credits - Tales of True Deliveries Campaign Films


Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Creative Directors

Fernando Bittar

Janice Ahn

Executive Producer

Justin Harris


Alex DeSanto

Associate Producer

Flo Fusco

Global Head of 3D

Doug Wilkinson

Head of 3D / Look of Picture Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

3D Supervisor

Arvid Volz

3D Lead

Kien Hoang

3D Animation Supervisors

Peter DeSalvo

Remi Comtois

Previs Supervisor

Alejandra Alvarez

2D Animation Director

Nick Petley

Senior Art Director

Jigyu Yoon

Post Production Supervisor

Jose Fuentes


Rodney Lambright

Stephen Loveluck

Tristyn Pease

Design/Concept Art

Arron Ingold

Beatriz Mayumi

Chelsea Lee

Conor Smith

Dan Muangprasert

Fernando Utreras

Jigyu Yoon

Jong Lee

Marcus Collins

Mindy Park

Nathan Hernandez

Stan Chan

3D Modeling & Texturing

Alfonso Petersen

Anita Kang

Arvid Volz

Ash Samet

Fabio Wasques

Filipe Machado

James Schauf

Manon Sailly

Rigging Supervisor

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco


Hernan Ares

Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza

Nico Sanghrajka

Regina Cicone

Lighting TD

Jens Lindgren

Lighting & Compositing

Alex Dingfelder

Beatrice Viguier

Carlos Moran Villanueva

Chloe Tu

Daniel Pernikoff

Jiawen Liang

Kien Hoang

Rui Huang

Tina Chao

3D Animation Lead

Hillary McCarthy

3D Animation

Alejandra Alvarez

Daniel Huertas Bustamante

Ida Zhu

Kaine Simmonds

Katherine Guggenberger

Pierre Marine

Valerie Lim

FX Artists

Adam Webber

Carlos Moran Villanueva

Jacky Jackson

2D Animation Lead

Lauren Tom

Cel Animation

Junyi Xiao

Shelby Chan

Stephen Loveluck

AE Animation

Maria Eugenia Franco

Nick Brown

Nick Petley

Ryoko Kondo

Zac Miller

Senior Editor

Billy Kostka

Post Production Support

Cameron Kelly

Talia Mazzarella


Jeremy Stuart

Additional Previs and 3D Animation


Agora Studio

Project Manager

Agustina Rossito

Executive Producer

Nicolas-Alexandre Noel

Live Action

Live Action Production Manager

Elizabeth Abrams


Fernando Bittar

Executive Producer, On-Set Coverage

Kim Stephens

Head of Production - Live Action

Trish Rigby

Line Producer

Brian Bennhoff

Credits - Sphere Experience


Group Creative Director

Michelle Higa Fox

Executive Producer

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Dan Gregoras


Greg Heffron

Production Coordinator

Olivia Grady

Post Production Supervisor

Jose Fuentes

Storyboards Artists

Syd Fini

Trystan Pease

William Rosado

Concept Artist

Jack Usephot


James Levy

Conor Smith

Alex Kiesling


Talia Mazzarella

Loren Christiansen


Jose Fuentes


Marc Steinberg

Animation Studio

CG Studio

Light VFX

Executive Producer

Guillaume Raffi

Creative Direction

Antoine Moulineau