This psychedelic trip tells the story of Dr. Gonzo (from Fear and Loathing) in a Herculean struggle to purchase Kakfa's Metamorphosis without paying tribute to our gluttonous, corporate overlords.

His acid-induced quest is rewarded when he discovers Good Books, an online bookseller that gives all profits to Oxfam.

Our goal was to create an homage—something that maybe even he’d be proud of. Or at the very least, a piece he wouldn’t have sued us over.

The BUCK team dug deep on this one, channeling our inner gonzo, to direct and produce this pioneering piece of transitional animation that included cel animation, compositing, 2-D, 3-D, stop-motion, and cel animation (we said that twice because we did a shit ton of cel animation on this one.)

“Some may never live but the crazy never die”.
~ Hunter S. Thompson

Awards ↓

A big BUCK thank you to String Theory for bringing us this stream-of-consciousness script, Antfood for their inspired audio, and all the BUCK artists who worked tirelessly over five months to make it happen.