Google Vids


Google Vids is a new AI-powered video creation app for work, helping you easily share ideas and create rich video content. So what better way to introduce the world to Google Vids than with a video of our own?

We dove deep into script and storyboard development with the Google team, expanding upon the existing visual language with a motion system designed to delight and inform in equal parts.

The result is a high-energy celebration of the newest member of the Google Workspace family of apps. Welcome to the world, Google Vids!



Executive Producer

Kim Stephens

Creative Direction

Joe Donaldson


Erin Lockard

Alex dos Santos

Art Director

Max Vogel


Haeri Cho

Yukyung Lee

Thea Glad


Nikko Gary

Emilia Tonello

Yukyung Lee

Haeri Cho

Max Vogel

2D Animation Lead

David Hobizal

2D Animation

Gung-Kai Koo

Mark Butchko

Michael Russo

David Hobizal

Head of Copy

Dave Evans


Logan O'Brien

Assistant Editor

Jonathan Weisburst

Sound Design


Studio Kamp