Meditation is rarely sold as a “fun” activity. It’s seriously serene. Intensely intentional. Right? Nope, not for Headspace and its millions of practitioners. Their mantra? Keep it simple. Keep it fun. So that’s exactly what we did for this spot.

Distilling the Headspace brand into a short film about the benefits of meditation involved bringing a kindly cast of shapes into a sophisticated narrative world.

The trick was to find a comfortable balance between the shape language and the storytelling while practicing Zen-like restraint.

Back to Basics

By constantly pulling the focus back to simplicity, a story evolved from the importance of each shape and character within the arc — like miniature building blocks that demanded space to breathe in order to serve the narrative.



Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Associate Creative Director

Richard Gray

Senior Producer

Amy Russo

CG Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Art Director

Mark Kulakoff

3D Animation Director

Alessandro Ceglia

CG Lead

Wing Sze Lee

2D Animation Lead

Juan Ricardo Hernandez


Bruna Imai

Devin Mathews

Lina Yu


Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

3D Animation

Josh Baum

Tyler Lancaster

2D Animation

Brien Hopkins

Kyle Griggs

Lisa Kim

Miriam Palopoli


Billy Kostka

Paal Rui


Creative Director

Paddy Fraser

Director, Brand Design

David Hsia

Marketing Program Manager

Grace Hartley


Sara "SL" Leimbach


Music Studio

Sounds Delicious