Hermes threw a decadent, tongue-in-cheek, Rothschild-esque party to celebrate their move to the meat-packing district. BUCK was there to create two, trippy 40ft wide projections based on 16th century tapestries that transmute and melt before their partygoers' eyes. Say...what’s in this negroni?

“I’m meeellllting...” →

The coup de grace, of course, was when we went from surreal to psychedelic and the walls started melting, Dali-style. Hermes said they wanted people to feel like they were on acid. We obliged.

The Red Room →

This famous 16th century tapestry was an inspiration from the beginning. Our goal was to make the digital canvas feel like an actual physical tapestry. To achieve the look and texture, we analyzed its stitching, imperfections, materials, color and the way light interacted with it. We even built VR models to give it a test-spin.

The Lady & The Unicorn →

With the Lady and the Unicorn we created a tapestry that mixed influences and bended minds. The menagerie of animals and millefleurs (made of eyeballs and hands) morphed in super slow-motion. The goal was to get partygoers to question what they were seeing as the walls imperceptibly mutated before their eyes.