Holiday Gift 2021


For our 2021 holiday gift, we invited our clients and coworkers to spend our money on their behalf.

Through a web interface, each user voted for a charity they cared about. We then proportionally donated over $100,000 to those charities. Simple.
As each person picked a charity, they became part of the AR Giving Garden—an augmented reality forest of colorful shapes experienced through a bespoke Instagram filter. The charity you chose corresponded to the unique plant you could add to the garden.


Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Executive Producer

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Michelle Higa Fox

Head of Strategy

Marla Moore


Anu Khosla

Surabhi Rathi

Senior Producer

Taylor Cole

Associate Producer

Dara Ó Cairbre

Production Coordinator

Hayley Newett

Lead Creative Technologist

Charlie Whitney

Kirin Robinson


David Evans

Senior 3D Lead

Ylli Orana


Rozi Zhu

Creative Technologist

Helena Dong

Jules Kris

Tayler Johnson