For this year’s US Open, we worked again with IBM and Ogilvy & Mather to visualize live data from the tournament and get New York City to tune into the annual event in their own backyard.

This time, it was all about drawing connections between the tournament and the Big Apple itself. We made a slew of animations to accomplish this featuring everything from tennis balls to hot dogs to competitive peregrine falcons. All in a NYC inspired-illustrative style.

Data Points →

In order to give it an up-to-the-minute immediacy, we designed animations that would be triggered when certain statistical benchmarks were met on the court (example: when a certain number of first serve points by Federer was reached). When the benchmarks were met the corresponding animation would instantly go live on social. These animations had three components as seen below.

There’s nothing quite like that NYC neighborly love. And we wanted to celebrate it in style.