IBM watsonx


Introducing watsonx — IBM's commercial generative AI platform. Building on the cachet of the Watson name and its established reputation for advancing AI, BUCK worked closely with IBM’s Blue Studio to reimagine watsonx as the new face of AI within IBM’s impressive enterprise solutions. We built a visual system around the insight that while AI models can produce infinite outcomes from a singular idea, it is how they’re trained and tuned that brings focus and organization to the potential chaos of the AI landscape.

Until now, generative AI visuals leaned heavily on cerebral and overtly synthetic imagery. In close collaboration with IBM, we aimed to introduce a new visual paradigm with the launch of watsonx; one that feels distinct, solid, approachable. And yet, one that also offers reassurance, simplicity, and peace of mind amid the daunting AI landscape.

The idea for our concept stemmed from AI acting as a catalyst — a multiplying force — that iterates and amplifies an original idea. Inspired initially by fractals and patterns that occur in nature, a singular 2D circle multiplies to form complex, organized 3D structures.

The outcome is a versatile visual language that captures watsonx’s core elements as a suite of unique states, each capable of transitioning seamlessly from 2D vector designs to intricate 3D visualizations, along with a broader suite of companion designs and visual mechanisms to explain the breadth and nuance of this new platform. 

Generative AI models are dynamic, reactive, and continuously evolving. Our visual identity conveys these concepts through a perpetual fluid motion of thread-like formations, resulting in a mesmerizing, ever-changing visual identity and creative point of view.



Group Creative Director

Daniel Oeffinger

Jon Gorman

Executive Producer

Kitty Dillard

Creative Director

Stevie Watkins


Tracey McDonough

Production Coordinator

Khadim Dieng

Senior Art Director

Guillermo Zapiola

Doug Hindson

3D Animation

Will Burkart

Chris Ribar

Javier Tommasi

Antian Imeri

Tina Chao

Nachei Sanchez

Kevin Weber


Dave Evans

Charlie Short


Vincenzo Lodigiani

Emilia Tonello

Yukyung Lee

Nejc Polovsak

Simon Ronnerdag

2D Animation

Peter Harp

Nilsson Cajamarca

Filipe Consoni

James Kim

Raz Gadhyia

Justin Lawes

Marcus Bakke

David Hobizal

Yussef Cole


Audio Mix