Lily's Gummy Bears


After the success of our previous work for Lily’s Chocolate Almonds, Hershey’s wanted us to build upon the same world but for a different product — Lily’s Gummy Bears. We had a blast showing our adorable bear buddies how to live their best lives in a colorful, fruity, paper world.



Associate Creative Director

Mandy Smith

CG Supervisor

João Rema

Executive Creative Director

Vincent Lammers

Executive Producer

Chance Woodward


Bárbara Scatolini

Production Coordinator

Bénédicte Gold-Dalg

Art Director

Christo Silveira

Fabrizio Lenci

Animation Director

Daniel Rodrigues

3D Lead

Manon Sailly


Anna Moessnang

Bianca Beneduci

Catarina Alves

Jen Zheng

Léa Zhang

Yana Abramova

3D Artists

Beatrice Viguier

Fabio Wasques

Melissa van het Spijker

Regina Cicone

Saskia Bulletti

3D Animation

Alexis Alabadi

John Karian

Katherine Guggenberger

Ty Coyle


Talia Mazzarella