Lowes Holiday


Lowe’s was feeling the holiday spirit this year so we teamed up with Deutsch on a holiday campaign to help them celebrate in style. With a sparkle of CG magic and some heart-warming live action, we brought the Lowe’s Gable to life, and decked the halls with bells and power tools.

About that Gable...

Just what is a gable? Well, it’s that triangular portion of the wall where it meets the edge of the roof pitches. And it's also a descriptor for the well-known Lowes logo which served as the centerpiece of our holiday campaign.

We dressed the Lowes gable in its finest festive outfits and placed it in the center of over a dozen art directed vignettes. A mix of practical and VFX allowed us the flexibility to let our imagination run wild.

Capturing holiday magic

A cast of hard working elves helped us pull this production together over a busy four day shoot. Featuring a stage build, a house location, and both interior and exterior Lowes store setups, we were able to transform the balmy SoCal environs into a winter wonderland.

Enhancing the magic

We wanted to give these setups something extra special — so we augmented the gables in post and in some cases built them entirely in CG in order to achieve that ‘magical realism’ feel that only the holidays can bring.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Group Creative Director

Jenny Ko

Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Creative Director

Jenny Ko

Associate Creative Director

Casey McIntyre


Alex dos Santos

Paul Winze

Production Coordinator

Kyjahana Irizarry

Art Director

Arielle Casale

Lauren Gaballo

Sylvia Witter

CG Supervisor

Marc Steinberg

CG Lead

Michele Herrera


Brad Lacke

Julian Bishop

Matty Deans

Tristyn Pease


Aaron Ingold

Chris Sanchez

Grace Kim

Matthew Friedlander

Matthew Kam

Mike Ellis

Sam Lee

Shelby Chan

Soyeon Kim

Vanessa Cheung

Concept Design Director

Dae-Han Yi

Concept Art

Fernando Utreras

Jong Lee

Marcus Collins

Nancy Liu

Stan Chan

Vickie Liu

VFX Supervisor

Ben Rohel

Brinton Jaecks


Alfonso Petersen

Anita Kang

Ash Samet

Hernan Ares

Conform Artist

Ben Rohel


Carlos Moran Villanueva

Chloe Tu

Chuong Vu

Rui Huang

Tina Chao


Dave Evans

Jasmine Phull

2D Animation

Lauren Tom

Patrick Knip

Rasmus Lowenbraat

3D Animation

Andy Kennedy

Hillary McCarthy

Ivan Sokol

Josh Baum

Peter DeSalvo

Tyler Lancaster

Technical Animation

Jens Lindgren

Kevin Weber


Michael Dwass


Brinton Jaecks

Navid Bagherzadeh

Sam Smith

Wing Sze Lee


Heather Bartholomae

Peter Brandi

Assistant Editor

Oliver Lin

Robert Bailey

Talia Mazzarella

Head of Post Production

Jose Fuentes

Paal Rui

Live Action

Line Producer

Elyciphus Siler

Director of Photography

Natalie Kingston

Head of Production

Trish Rigby


Georgia Tribuiani

Production Supervisor

Elizabeth Abrams


Executive Creative Director

Sorenne Gottlieb

Creative Director

Jeremiah Wassom

Art Director

Mike Rodriguez


Mars Milisic

Sam Dworkin

Executive Producer

Lauren May


Alex Frenkel

Sean Vadas