Mabel feat. Shygirl "Look At My Body Pt. II"


BUCK had the pleasure of collaborating with director David Wilson to create the music video for Mabel feat. Shygirl "Look At My Body Pt. II." Our vision of mighty Mother Nature celebrates her anatomy without objectifying it — challenging the male gaze and historic sexual objectification of women. The result is a 2D-animated sequence that combines feminist values with classic craft — a psychedelic romp showcasing the power of womanhood in a sequence that is fluid, dynamic, and filled with BUCK flair.

Reclaiming Female Sexuality

Mabel confronts and reclaims her sexuality in the song, pointing out different areas where women have long been objectified like classical art, religion, and pornography.

Following the lead of the live-action segments of the video — which parody the “original sin” by showing Mabel and Shygirl biting into a forbidden apple — we kick off the animated segment by sending the duo on a psychedelic trip into female enlightenment. We used a retro style to match the aesthetic of the live-action video, which satirizes the historic objectification of women.

A Psychedelic, Religious Experience

We used upward camera angles throughout the sequence to emphasize the character’s power over the viewer, as one would worship a goddess. Though often portrayed as weaknesses in women, her visible organs and lifeblood celebrate her anatomy while her overflowing breast milk emphasizes her fertility.

The complicated cel animation used in the sequence is rare in modern commercial animation, posing an exciting challenge for BUCK’s team. Most of the shots were animated straight on the page with little previsualization in order to provide more fluidity and motion to the character.



Executive Creative Director

Vincent Lammers

Executive Producer

James Britton

Associate Creative Director

Jen Zheng


Katie Liston

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Joao Rema

Art Director

Fabrizio Lenci

Animation Director

Joe Brooks


Jen Zheng

Joe Sparkes

Tucker Klein


Yana Abramova

Mijke Coebergh

Thea Glad

Catarina Alves

Meitar Almog

Lea Zhang

Jen Zheng

Fabrizio Lenci

Meitar Almog


Nathan Shipley

2D Cel Lead

Joe Sparkes

Tucker Klein

2D AE Animation & Compositing

Jardeson Rocha

Kyle Snider

Greta Sennekamp

Marco van der Vlag

Meitar Almog

Cel Animation

Jen Zheng

Stephen Loveluck

Yinan Liang

Santiago Gonzalez

Shelby Chan

Tinghe Yang

Meitar Almog

Riff Raff


David Wilson

Executive Producer

Precious Mahaga


Luke Tierney

Joseph Goldman