Mailchimp Big Change Starts Small


The Mailchimp approach to philanthropy is all about flipping the script. They’re not down with top down models, choosing instead to invest in bottom up. We partnered with the good people at Kin to explain—in the most surreal manner we could muster—how Mailchimp is putting the people who know their communities best in charge.

Changing Changers

Doing good is, well, good. A lot of large organizations are making a real and much-needed difference in the world. But big isn't always better, especially when it comes to who is making the changes that matter on a local level. Mailchimp puts resources into the hands of the people already doing the work in their communities. The reasoning is simple: They're already getting the job done, so just imagine what they could accomplish with a little extra help.

To craft our world of Small Changers, we brought our super-powered community leaders and their passions to life and put it all through a surreal lens. Then we paired them with a cast of equally oddball locals to see what kind of magic would spark.

Process & Production

Part of why we love working with Mailchimp is the flexibility and looseness of the illustration we can employ. It’s not every job where we get to flaunt this kind of freedom and find our way through experimentation and trial and error.
Even though we used our earlier work with Mailchimp as a jumping off point, we used pretty much every tool in the box to define a style that is familiar, yet very specific to this neighborhood of changers. And while it feels very practical and sketch book-y, every frame was crafted in part by hand, mouse, pen, pencil, and stylus. And a final pass actually done by hand, of course.
After dozens of design explorations and iterations—only about a quarter of everything we made is used in the final film—we arrived somewhere as weird and wonderful as we wish we were. Fortunately some of what didn't make it into a finished frame is all around us ↑ ↓ ↙ ↖

Portal Illustration

After generating countless designs for animation, we just... kept going. Luckily, the momentum of our pens and pencils carried us through a series of illustrations for the Change The Changers portal. Folk from our animated film join new characters in a slew of editorial style pieces that cover a wide range of topics like housing advocacy groups, crisis response efforts, and voter engagement programs. (Note to self: Are trees allowed to vote?)



Executive Creative Director

Orion Tait

Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Creative Director

Jon Gorman


Edward Tull

Production Coordinator

Deanna Rivera

Art Director

Justin Cassano

Animation Director

Chad Colby


Diego Abad

Jon Gorman

Justin Cassano

Olivia Blanc


Cari Vander Yacht

Diego Abad

Justin Cassano

2D Animation

Chad Colby

Diego Abad

Emily Skaer

Jessica Milazzo

Jon Gorman

Kyle Snider

Lana Simanenkova

Paola Chen

Ross McCampbell



Kwame Taylor-Hayford

Sophie Ozoux

Project Lead

Mackenzie Alexander

Creative Director

Dave Ramirez


Music Studio



Wilson Brown

Executive Producer

Sue Lee

Senior Producer

Trevor Haimes

Lead Composer/Sound Engineer

Yuta Endo


Senior Director, Corporate Citizenship

Lain Shakespeare

Corporate Citizenship Manager

Josh Penny

Director, Brand Marketing

Michael Mitchell

Senior Director, Brand Studio

Katie Potochney

Senior Art Director

Ross Zietz