McDonald's Loyalty Rewards


We partnered with our friends at Wieden+Kennedy and Mayor McCheese to build a one-of-a-kind design and animation system for the rollout of McDonald's new Loyalty Rewards program.

To be able to accommodate the many needs of a national campaign, the system needed to be canvas-agnostic.
We created 29 unique menu item illustrations and animations, customizable frames and pedestals, plus a custom dimensionalized variant to McDonald's house font, Speedee.

Big bucks, no whammies!

It was important for the campaign that these menu items all felt ‘elevated’ — heroic even. No mere hamburger or fries would do for these are rewards.

We decided to have our design language harken back to the glory days of classic game shows. Nothing too retro or explicit, but that era's approach to presentation felt right. Pedestals, framing devices, a little glitz and glam. A little “What’s behind curtain number 2?”

To assist the illustration, we brought McDonald's font Speedee into our stylized world of trapped shadows and graphic extrusions. Bold headlines to go with bold illustrations.

Surprise & McDelight

One of the best parts was exploring the myriad of unexpected ways we could reveal or transform the menu items: treasure chests, graphic sunrises, ice cream disco parties. Each animation needed to be a little stylish reward of its own — a surprise and delight — a prize in your very own happy meal.

We had a lot of fun working on this might even say we were loving it. (We’ll see ourselves out.)


Executive Creative Director

Orion Tait

Group Creative Director

Daniel Oeffinger

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Creative Director

Sean McClintock


Andre Araujo

Tracey McDonough


Ege Soyuer


Ayla Mortada

Heewon Kim

Jaedoo Lee

Justin Cassano

Kuu Chen

Loris Alessandria

Max Vogel

Milena Bucholz

Yukyung Lee

2D Animation

Dan Cantelm

Diego Abad

Gilles Desmadrille

Johan Eriksson

Jordan Scott

Kyle Snider

Paola Chen Li

Po-Chen Chia

Sean Merk

Vero Gómez

Editorial Support

Paal Rui

Robert Bailey