Meta Connect 23

Meta Connect is an annual developers’ conference devoted to AI and virtual, mixed, and augmented realities. For its 10th anniversary, Meta wanted the visual identity to feel human, relatable, and ready to use — inspiring people to come together and make connections to expand their world.

This 2-day IRL and virtual event for Meta’s community of developers, builders, and creators is designed to showcase new product and technological innovation, as well as the state of the metaverse today.

A milestone in the making, this marks the 10-year anniversary for Meta Connect, as well as the first time the event happened IRL. We helped craft the brand system for Meta Connect 23 from the ground-up. We utilized emojis and expressive typography to bring familiar elements to the metaverse and personify mixed reality experiences.

Much of what had been futurecast at previous events is now a Meta reality, with ideas coming to life in actual products and tools. This look and feel celebrates where the Meta ecosystem is today, as well as its possibilities for the future.

The animation was focused on creating delightful moments. Our reaction animations functioned like they do in social media spaces, but with an experimental touch that tapped in to Meta Connect’s origins.

We took this opportunity to create something familiar yet fresh — a typographic system that comes alive using the abstract textures of the metaverse.

The hybrid event also required a full multi-screen experience. We worked to systematize and codify each element and its relationship to the event narrative so it could be used in the live stream run of show.

Because this year’s event was in-person, we got to extend our package beyond the screen and onto the Meta campus.

We scattered sculptures of the different brand elements and metaverse abstractions across the Meta Menlo Park campus, amplifying the mixed reality message and normalizing the forms.

All in all, our task was to bring people together, foster understanding, and create excitement about the possibilities of an expanded world.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Group Creative Director

Camille Chu

Executive Producer

Justin Harris

Associate Creative Director

Gosha Kuznetsov


Fernanda Garcia Lopez

Production Coordinator

Nina Randall

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Bill Dorais

Art Director

Lauren King

Kevin Heo

3D Lead

Kien Hoang

2D Animation Lead

Anton Thallner

Juan Ricardo Hernandez


Audrey Kang

David Evans


Ida Zhu


Berni Charadia

Lauren King

Amanda Godreau

Andy Hahn

Wendy Eduarte

Victoria Kociman

Harrison Grant

CG Supervisor

Hogan Williams

Marc Steinberg


Andy Hahn

Samuel "Jacky" Jackson

Terence Ginja-Martinho

Kevin Heo


Samuel "Jacky" Jackson

Kien Hoang

Terence Ginja-Martinho

Kevin Heo


Kien Hoang

Samuel "Jacky" Jackson

3D Animation

Andy Hahn

Samuel "Jacky" Jackson

Terence Ginja-Martinho

Adam Webber

2D Animation

Lauren Kittle

Drew Jackson

Nick Brown

Nicole DiLeo

Joseph Moon

Lauren Tom

Esteban Esquivo

3D Technical Artist

Thomas Robertson

Sizzle Film

Creative Director

Andy Lyon


Haeri Cho

2D Lead

Juan Ricardo Hernandez

2D Animation/After Effects

Drew Jackson

Lauren Kittle


Mark Ryan Myers

Special Thanks

Arielle Casale

Marla Moore

Surabhi Rathi

Jose Fuentes

Jens Lindgren

Heather Bartholomae


Music Studio