Microsoft 365


Helping Microsoft 365 reach a new generation of creators.

It’s never been easier to get your hands on free, powerful creation tools and today’s younger generation has their pick of the litter.

Working directly with Microsoft’s brilliant and diverse team, BUCK was asked to craft a strategy, concept, and design a communications package filled with fun, creative metaphors and glossy images of the many benefits of Microsoft 365’s suite of tools.

Microsoft wants Gen Z to know that Microsoft 365 is completely free (zilch, zero) and as powerful and user-friendly as its competitors.

These aren’t your Auntie’s spreadsheets!

Through a process of immersion and discovery, BUCK worked with Microsoft to craft a message aimed directly at Gen Z about freedom — the freedom to express, collaborate, and share — all in real-time.

Buck helped Microsoft translate dry market research documents into exciting, visual metaphors to help sell the key product benefits to smart, savvy Gen Z'ers.

Scripts were written, sketches were drawn, and then scrapped. Eventually through a process of refinement we were able to strike the right balance between compelling metaphors and product details.

Using a mixed media approach, BUCK created a series of vignettes that brought fun and positivity to some dry content.

The work was designed to be easily formatted to various social platforms and localizations.



Executive Creative Director

Orion Tait

Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Associate Creative Director

Chris Palazzo

Stevie Watkins


Alex Decaneas

3D Design Director

Chris Phillips

Art Director

Doug Hindson


Logan O'Brien


Anthony Furlong

Ben Hill

Carmel Gatchalian

Ege Souyer

Guillermo Zapiola

Hogan Williams

Johan Eriksson

João Lavieri

Pierrer-Nicolas Riou

Will Burkart

3D Animation

Chris Ribar

Dan Darling

Diego Diapolo

Hogan Williams

Will Burkart

Ylli Orana

2D Animation

Gilles Desmadrille

Johan Eriksson

Paola Chen

Cel Animation

Adam Henderson

Mercy Lomelin

Vincent Tsui


Jose Fuentes


Paal Rui


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Aimee Sudeck

Creative Director

Samuel Clarke

Senior Project Manager

Jana Huskey

Senior Integrated Marketing Lead

Luis Sanchez

Senior Design Manager

Karen Mui Scott

Director Office 365 Apps Marketing

Alyson Paine

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Microsoft Teams

Arjun Tomar


Music Studio


Executive Creative Director/Partner

Wilson Brown

Executive Producer

Sue Lee

Composer/Sound Designer

Dalton Harts


Kat Horn


The Duke of The Bywater