Mirinda, the fruit-flavored soft drink from Pepsi, needed a makeover — something bright, something fresh, and something playful to appeal to Gen Z. We worked with PepsiCo Design and Innovation alongside Bulletproof agency to create a new visual identity for the drink, as well as 3,000 key visual assets to help them market Mirinda to their large (and growing) global audience.

The Mirinda team wanted us to evolve and elevate their existing brand identity to match their new product and feel. But with that design system they needed a large, flexible library of assets and a modular toolkit that their internal teams could use to market Mirinda in every corner of the world.

Visual Refresh

The logo’s signature green color got brighter with sharper corners and cleaner lines. An attention-grabbing “M” is front and center on the can and serves as a canvas for the brand’s creativity.

All 50 flavors (or flavours as they say across the pond) received their own separate color palette with contrasting colorways. These are paired with zesty fruit illustrations that represent the flavors through a range of distinct, swirling spherical forms.

This design system unites the brand’s 50 flavors for the first time with a flexible and adaptable system.

This new, punchy, and bright identity coupled with an up-to-date tagline (“There’s no flavour like your flavour”) are positioned to the Gen Z market and to the “vibrancy of a generation of young creatives” — made for those who aren’t afraid to stand out.

In the end, we delivered a design system, an asset library, thousands of key visuals, a brand guideline, and films for 9 of their key markets.

How do you like your Mirinda?



Executive Creative Director

Vincent Lammers

Executive Producer

Chance Woodward

Creative Direction

Richard Gray

Art Director

Simon Buijs


Katie Liston

Bárbara Scatolini

Production Coordinator

Benedicte Gold-Dalg

Jennifer Blackwell

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Joao Rema

Art Director

Fabrizio Lenci

Estefan Richter

Animation Director

Daniel Rodrigues

Lead 3D Artist

Ty Coyle

2D Animation Lead

Jardeson Rocha

Marco van der Vlag


Yana Abramova

Anna Moessnang

Mijke Coebergh

Bernd Bousard

Juan Behrens

Lea Zhang

Bianca Beneduci

Adolfo Correa

Technical Director

Jeroen Hoolmans

Ben Rohel

Jose Fuentes

Post Production Supervisor

Jose Fuentes

Look Development

Shane O'Hara


Floris van der Lee

3D Animation

Katherine Guggenberger

Ida Zhu

Solomon Asmah

3D Artists

Beatrice Viguier

Charlotte Vallet

Manon Sailly

Alex Lopez

Sonal Jadhav

Kat Smith

2D Animation

Greta Sennekamp

Andres Cuevas

Albert Oriol

Marco van der Vlag

Laurentiu Lunic

Tomasz Czajka

Creative Technologist

Ben Rohel


Paal Rui

Dave Conte

Assistant Editor

Robert Bailey

Production Assistant

Jennifer Blackwell

Live Action

Line Producer

Kasper Hering

Director of Photography

Floris van der Lee

Production Company

Northwest Productions


Music Studio



Color Studio



Barry Clarke