Nike Wind


Nike wanted to reach out to casual and aspiring runners for the launch of the Nike Winflo 8 shoe so we created a fun “How to Run” manual to encourage people to get up and get out to find their inner runner.

Various ways in were discussed but the one we settled on was the one we liked best: a narrative “journey.” That’s in quotes because it wasn’t just about the journey one takes on an individual run but about the meta-journey from a non-runner or novice to a casual runner and beyond.

Because they needed hero product imagery
(in various sizes,) storefront mockups, and a sizzle reel, we had to find a journey that could be ‘read’ in still and moving images.

We entered the design phase with an open mind. We knew we wanted something illustrated and playful but we weren’t sure what that was. Soon we were gravitating towards a West Coast vibe because it seemed to best capture the spirit of the casual runner/running curious type.

Next, the idea to filter this through a comic
book-y/zine style came about as a way to compose and frame the story as well as communicate the narrative in both still and moving images. In the end, we created three different stories — three journeys of people discovering their personal nirvana — one step at a time.

Unconventional characters
(AKA: Schmoos before fitness bros.)

We infused our illustrations with a trippy, retro feel, coupling this with modern character designs and iconography. A lot of love went into small details like RPG tabletop game dice, unique ear piercings, and the best cat since The Long Goodbye — specific, unexpected details that helped make them feel like real and relatable people and not the usual models and athletes that normally populate this space.

As we approach the end of this run, a gentle reminder that it’s not a race. Find your pace and you’ll find yourself. Just flow with it. You never might love it.



Group Creative Director

Jenny Ko

Executive Producer

Nick Carmen

Associate Creative Director

Janice Ahn


Ashlie Iacocca

Kirsten Collabolletta

Art Director

Sol Lee

2D Animation Lead

Nick Petley


Dave Evans

Heloise Chung


Emily Suvanvej

Gunnar Pettersson

Heewon Kim

Kenni Huang

Rémi Sorbet

2D Animation

Zackary Miller

Assistant Editor

TJ Rozsa