Oculus Horizon


When Oculus needed an interactive, real-world installation for the announcement of their new VR world, Horizon, at the OC6 Conference, BUCK teleported in to invent and design a hands-on, tabletop extravaganza for the ravenous conference-goers to feast upon.

Horizon is conceived as a world that belongs to its community of users. Each member is given the tools to build and expand on the VR world as they see fit.

To introduce this concept to an audience coming in cold, we built stylized representations of the different environments within Horizon along with a playful, modular shape system for them to play and construct with, and use to make their first contribution to this new Horizonverse.

From a ‘Robot Rumble’ boxing ring to a funky hexagonal keypad that pumps out a music and light show, we wanted to design a fun experience that fostered social interaction and collaboration.

We directed the creative every step of the way: from ideation to fabrication to installation. Big UPs to our partners at VT Pro who helped realize our vision.

We love when we get the chance to play in the real world with actual flesh and blood people — always a welcome treat!



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Executive Producer

Nick Carmen

Creative Director

Robert Bisi

Sean Dougherty


Leonard Shek


Dave Evans

Concept Art & Design

Alvaro Navarro

George Fuentes

Lauren Gaballo

Mark Kulakoff

Martin Cusano

Morgan Schweitzer

Trey Holt

Yasmina Vicente


Kirin Robinson