Hello Australia, meet Osko. We kicked off their debut appearance in the Land Down Under with a witty, emoji-driven, animated campaign.

We teamed up with Osko and BMF in a campaign to launch their brand in Australia. In celebration of all the little things, we created a family of cute icons to converse with the tech-savvy millennial in their native tongue: the emoji.

Osko is approachable and likable so we mimicked the style of conversation you'd have with your best mate — keeping it simple and playing on snappy editing to breathe life into our beloved emoji pals.

From little things...

Although modeled and animated in 3-D, a great deal of care was taken in designing our icons in 2-D first. Taxis, sushi, golfers, an over-sized pineapple — everything had to have exacting detail. They may be small on screen, but they’re BIG on personality.

We went further and explored ways to bring dimension to our flat designs in 3-D, cranking up their chunkiness wherever possible for added cuteness!


Coming soon!