Playgrounds In Motion


BUCK partnered with Playgrounds to create an identity package for In Motion, a new festival in London and Rotterdam celebrating the art of animation, film, and moving image.

We knew we needed to consider and appeal to In Motion’s attendees (filmmakers, cel animators, and stop-motion animators) in the craft of the system. We also needed to ensure assets were simple enough to work across a variety of digital and physical deliverables, yet vibrant and stylized enough to imbue the festival with creative energy and build excitement.

So we decided to integrate motion into the core of our brand guidelines, making the animated logo a central tool across all assets. The wave flowing from the “N” and “M” of the logo is a simple, strong form that can be reinterpreted and built upon through mediums like stop motion, 3D, live action.

It can also be stretched and shaped to form a window to host images and video. This departure from a more conventional approach resulted in a cohesive and dynamic visual language — bringing a buzzing creative energy to the festival.

In addition to creating the identity, logo, and brand guidelines, BUCK designed the venue and stage screen visuals for the festival in both London and Rotterdam.

See our brand and identity work for Playgrounds’ other festival, The Art Department, here.



Executive Creative Director

Vincent Lammers

Associate Creative Director

Joe Brooks

Erwin van den Ijssel

Executive Producer

James Britton


Bárbara Scatolini


Julie Alter

Bernd Bousard

Florencia López Casco

Matheus Sakita

Christo Silveira

Rasmus Stenberg

Yi Zheng

2D Animation

Andrés Cuevas

Johan Eriksson

Jaume Mestre

Otilija Morozaitė

Jardeson Rocha

Anton Thallner

Marco van der Vlag

Philip von Borries

3D Design

Jonas Nunes


Content Management

Milou van der Walle

Head of Production

Jacklyn Cornelisse

Marketing & Communications

Paulien Mandos


Leon van Rooij

AMP Amsterdam

Project Manager

Sindy Kuipers

Head of Studios

Bertus Pelser