After years of research and several burned bridges, we’ve finally invented a way to give your boss the finger and not get fired.

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Introducing Slapchat, a Chrome extension that puts eggplant gloryholes and pulsating peaches into your all-hands company meetings. Pick a category, choose a sticker, and drag it into place over any Google Meet session.

(Don’t worry: Only people with the extension installed will see your animated graffiti. And your boss is definitely not cool enough to be reading this.)

All right, so how did we make this thing?

Back in 2019, we created an AR app called Slapstick. It was created for a simpler time, back when people strutted maskless around their neighborhoods while hugging and high-fiving each other.

For Slapchat, we needed a pandemic-era interpretation to break free from Zoom fatigue.

In initial experiments, we injected code into web pages, explored multi-camera setups, and toyed with commands that could be triggered via the chat window.

Ultimately, the best way for this to get out into the world was to use Chrome’s official extension support and bring the Slapstick assets back from the 3D world of AR to the 2D world of video chat.

When you join a Google Meet room, we create a parallel dimension that lets Slapchat talk to everyone on the call.

When you grab a sticker, you are actually reaching through a portal into this parallel dimension and pulling out the sticker equivalent of Schrödinger's cat—but, like, if the cat could twerk—and upon placing the sticker, the sticker resolves at the quantum level into what is perceived as an animated image (but in reality is a modulated echo of the multiverse).

It’s that simple.

Try it now! ↗



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Creative Concept

Charlie Whitney

Associate Creative Director

Vinicius Naldi

Senior Producer

Jamey Kitchens

Max Lauter

Director of Creative Technology

Michael Delaney

Lead Creative Technologist

Charlie Whitney


Dave Evans


Tristyn Pease


Emily Suvanvej

Taka Imagawa

Head of Post Production

Jose Fuentes

2D Animation

Vero Gómez


Dave Conte

Talia Mazzarella

TJ Rozsa