Snap Holidays


In the spirit of spreading more holiday cheer, the folks at Snap came to us to create a bundle of fun: festive animated stickers, filters, and greetings. Inspired by the sentimental warmth and coziness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, we set out to convey a feeling of togetherness through a crop of 3D dioramas constructed with real-world, handmade materials.

Real-world Warmth

In order to create a cohesive feel among the three holidays, the overall design style was simplified and geometric. But we were able to give them each a distinct look through the selection of materials used to build the dioramas.

For Thanksgiving, we used clay to create an organic-looking, cornucopia of tactility; Christmas was wood, evoking memories of classic toys, nutcrackers and lincoln logs; and New Year’s was a confetti-fest complete with craft paper streamers and paper horns to produce those Auld Lang Syne feels.


The theme of togetherness ties our festive group of diorama characters and their respective holidays together.

These whimsical worlds also needed sound design, so Snap whipped up a scratch track for Thanksgiving to set the tone. After that, they handed over all the sound responsibilities to us.

That sample track became the jumping off point for our friends at Sounds Delicious, who orchestrated a nostalgic and celebratory trio of tunes to bind our three stories together.

Snap Happy

From concept development to execution, we explored our full range of creative strengths on this one.

A crack team of 3D BUCKers stepped up to the challenge and delivered the holiday cheer. Making it all the merrier, our friends at Snap were a gift to work with. We’re already hanging the mistletoe for a 2022 reunion.



Creative Director

Kenesha Sneed

Senior Art Director

Morgan Schweitzer

Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Senior Producer

Dustin Leer


Joel Plosz

Nataly Menjivar

Animation Lead

Adam Webber


Alejandro Perez

Mohammed Elberkawi

Richard Dixon


Music Studio

Sounds Delicious