Sony Pictures Animation Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


When the opportunity to collaborate with Sony Pictures Animation on a key sequence for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse came our way, we were so excited we ran up the walls.  For the sequence, we brought Gwen Stacy’s inner world to life and told the backstory to help set up the rest of the film. The idea was to do this in a painterly style that mimicked the character’s own comic book-style universe. 

In addition to the opening sequence, we also contributed shots that marry the villainous Vulture with Leonardo da Vinci’s sketchbooks.

Being huge Spider-Verse fans, we can’t overstate how exciting it was to be on this project. Getting the opportunity to work on this and collaborate with the film’s directors and key creatives was a dream come true.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Group Creative Director

Jenny Ko

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Justin Harris

Creative Director

Fernando Bittar


David Guti Rosado

Fernanda Garcia Lopez

Production Coordinator

Celine Nguyen

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Head of 2D Animation

Mercy Lomelin

Peter Kallstrom

Art Director

Danilo Rodrigues

Morgan Schweitzer

3D Supervisors

Marc Steinberg

CG Lead

Kien Hoang

2D Animation Lead

Anton Thallner

Concept Art

Alex Kiesling

Dan Muangprasert

Jamiel Law

Jong Lee

Marcus Collins

Matthew Kam

Rodney Lambright

Tristyn Pease

Tuo Kan

Technical Director

Ben Rohel

Jens Lindgren


Carlos Moran Villanueva

Chloe Tu

Daniel Pernikoff

Dave Chen

Sam Smith

Samuel "Jacky" Jackson

Tina Chao

Wing Sze Lee

2D Animation

Diego Abad

Drew Wiebe

Gilles Desmadrille

Hannah Sun

Jason Fang

Kyle Snider

Maria Eugênia Franco

Nilsson Cajamarca

Ruoyu Wen

Zac Miller

Cel Animation

Fabio Valesini

Louis Roba

Matty Deans

Santiago Gonzalez

Stephen Loveluck

Tinghe Yang


Head of Post

Jose Fuentes


Oliver Lin