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Made in collaboration with Spotify’s in-house creative team to concoct a series of fifteen stills and animated images to celebrate the panoply of musical genres you find on their platform.

This is the kind of job we love — and we swung for the fences with these highly rendered, air-brushed beauties. The painterliness of the style helped elevate these to a place of reverence — and that’s right where we wanted them.

Early 70s era album covers are seeing a bit of a revival lately. We gave it a modern twist with contemporary influences and render techniques. Researching the different genres and infusing our work with seminal imagery and influential artists in order to capture the aesthetic of each was one of the great joys of this job.

A Kit of Parts

The package of 15 animated images were then used within one of Spotify's design systems and cropped for different screens. An important piece of their design system was the "secondary layer," a simplified abstraction of the core concept of the poster. These deconstructed backgrounds served as a flexible bed to place content within.

Spotify has a global audience so we wanted to explore a wide variety of musical genres. We got both and western!



Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Associate Creative Director

Kyle Strope

Senior Producer

Russell Greene


Tracey McDonough

Art Director

Debora Cruchon

Kyle Strope

Animation Director

Chad Colby


Brendi Wedinger

Debora Cruchon

Doug Hindson

Emily Suvanvej

Fede Reano

Hyung Soon Joo

Kuu chen

Pierre-Nicolas Riou

Sandro Rybak

Shannon Rollins

Thomas Schmid

Twisha Patni

3D Animation

Fede Reano

Michael Russo

2D Animation

Dan Cantelm

Fabien Rousseau

Johan Eriksson

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills

Mercy Lomelin

Paola Chen

Vero Gómez


Made in collaboration with Spotify's in-house creative team.