SQSP Dracula


Dracula may be famous for liquid diets and life in the shadows—but not so much entrepreneurial savvy. For a fresh spin on his story, we teamed up with Squarespace to craft his small business and bring Dracula’s unique brand to (immortal) life.


In the first spot from our classic characters campaign for Squarespace, we follow the infamous Count as he builds Eternal Eyes, his wondrous eyewear brand.

Made in the shades.

Before we could shape Dracula’s site and our ultimate spot, we had to build his brand—and what better product for the Prince of Darkness to peddle than effortlessly cool eyewear to counter his photophobia?

Set design & live undead action.

Marble plinths, Wassily chairs, and tools of Dracula’s trade are all drenched in a blood-red glow to achieve what became internally dubbed as our “Dracula Meets The Matrix (with a dash of American Psycho)” aesthetic on set.

From brand to site to finished spot.

A full visual identity and ‘on-figure’ image campaign for Eternal Eyes was necessary to make this feel like a real thing. Branding, live action, and UI animation seamlessly working together to bring Dracula to...er...life.

An immortal identity.

To round out our series of TV and social spots, we created an Eternal Eyes brand toolkit including a logo, frame iconography, on-figure brand photography, and a graphic system.



Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Global Executive Producer

Emily Rickard

Associate Creative Director

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi

Senior Producer

Russell Greene

Senior Art Director

Emily Simms


Judah Dobin


Ege Soyuer

Emily Simms

Max Friedman

Wesley Chen

Concept Art

Chelsea Lee

VFX Supervisor

Ben Rohel


Filipe Machado


Ben Rohel

Shane O'Hara

2D Animation

Aaron Becker

Alex Perry

Gilles Desmadrille

Johan Eriksson

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills

Nicole DiLeo

Sean Merk

Vero Gómez


Cameron Kelly

Peter Brandi

Photo Retoucher

Rachel Kissel

Live Action

Line Producer

Trish Rigby

Director of Photography

Cristina Dunlap


Aileen Son

David Baum


Justin Garcia

Key Grip

Jimmy Viera

1st AD

Francesca Bravos

HMU & Wardrobe

Wardrobe Stylist

Heather Allison


Shelley Rickman


Amanda Bourne

Tattoo Artist

Chris Cuthrell


Snow White

Amanda Fimbres


Gun Lee

Art Department

Production Designer

Monica Dovnar

Prop Master

Sarah Hamlin


Danny Cistone