Tinder wanted to create a brand spot that was about people coming together. So we looked at the history of relationships throughout mankind and how they’ve changed.

The Story

In 75 seconds, we see the simple beginnings of coupling before human “civilization” made things all complicated with strict rules, arranged marriage, religious objections, and societal divides. Tinder is breaking down those barriers and bringing it back to what it’s all about.

In the beginning, it was easy.

Then it got complicated...

Until it finally got easy again.


This elaborate spot is a beautiful marriage of animation, computer-generated modeling, and intricately designed, handmade, practical sets. The characters, and their perfectly-rounded butts, were all CG. It took one month to shoot and eight weeks of post to complete this labor of love. When we were finished and satisfied, we had a cigarette and stared wistfully at the ceiling.

To drive home this idea of connection and the universality of the human experience we made all the characters, from the caveman to the modern day guy, from the same body.

Every Woman

Every Man

To reinforce our story of romance through the ages, we reprised the caveman scenes with their contemporary analogues.

↓ Olden Days

↓ Now a Days

And it was good...