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We worked with our friends at Twitter to design an emoji set, aptly dubbed "Twemojis." Part-design system, and part-illustration project, these emojis are raw and expressive thanks to a 3/4 camera angle that creates dimension and a unique visual style. Every single one of the thousands of emojis was hand-painted by our talented team of concept designers making sure they look just as good on your phone as on a billboard.

Designed from the ground-up to be expressive and inclusive.


Detail at every scale

Animated Reactions

Twemoji Sticker Pack



Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Executive Producer

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Stevie Watkins

Associate Creative Director

Hiroshi Endo

Production Coordinator

Alex Belsky

Jacklyn Reid

Jennifer Blackwell

Concept Design Director

Dae-Han Yi


Adiya Eva Makayeva

Alex Kiesling

Arron Ingold

Artur Mukhametov

Chelsea Lee

Conor Smith

Dan Muangprasert

Daniel Cruz

Felipe Hansen

Fernando Utreras

Hanna No

Jong Lee

Julia Mattos

Lucia Massucco

Marcus Collins

Matt DeMino

Nancy Liu

RJ Palmer

Stan Chan

Tiago Hoisel

Tobi Trebeljahr

Tom Moore

Tristyn Pease

Vickie Liu

Creative Technologist

Justin Taylor

Tayler Johnson

Lead Creative Technologist

Cameron Browning

Michael Delaney


Alex dos Santos

Max Lauter

CG Supervisor

Bill Dorais

2D Animation

Scott Jonsson