Verizon 5G Edge Keynote


Verizon needed a hype film to set the tone for their 5G Edge Keynote. They were announcing a partnering with Amazon Web Services to take 5G to the next level and they wanted a film equal to the task. We partnered up with them in a fluid collaboration and created something truly unexpected.

The big hurdle we had to surmount was color. Verizon’s brand is black, white, and red and they specifically didn’t want to go the graphic and typography route as they had the year before. So we had to come up with a creative solve that steered clear of this. Lucky for us, the brief was pretty wide open.

We hit on the idea to use color as the main ‘character’ in an abstract story about the transition from the old technology to 5G — using it as a representation of the ‘magic juice’ that powered this amazing, new technology. But because we wanted to steer clear of Verizon’s stark black, white, and red palette, we developed a language of color spectrums to tell this story.


We were inspired by 60s video art, science, and photography. The color was grainy and textual with modernist notes that still felt timeless. Sometimes creative limitations are incredibly liberating.