Verizon Retail AR


Verizon wanted to bring customers into the world of 5G and show off its benefits in a fun, playful way. We cooked up some interactive storytelling with WebAR and 8th Wall.

Storytelling, meet
the Browser.

Deployed in Verizon stores around the US, customers got the chance to learn about 5G and how it will enhance their day to day lives by exploring a series of animated AR vignettes.

We put a lot of thought into how guests would navigate the experience and how they would explore storytelling in the round — giving them the opportunity to act as both the viewer and director.
AR (no download necessary)

We designed our experience to work in retail spaces and at home without the need to download a clunky app. Anyone with a smartphone can quickly access the experience by scanning a QR code which launches their browser.

Try it yourself!

Dive into this nifty, Verizon 5G town to explore it yourself. Use your mouse to zoom, click and drag to rotate — all in the browser.

Buck Characters
for Real-Time

Characters were designed to be legible on your phone at a super-small scale. Expressive, pantomiming characters were key to telling our stories, all with low poly counts so they could be brought into 8th Wall and played back in real-time.

Sets were designed to be explored instead of viewed from a single position. Since this was AR, users could zoom in and out, and see every angle of our sets.

To keep things running smoothly, we upped our texture game. The result is a set of detailed worlds with lots of charm (and without a ton of polygons.)

See a vignette before and after 5G ↘️

Image two
Image one


Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Executive Producer

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Jeni Wamberg

Associate Creative Director

Philip Sierzega

Senior Producer

Max Lauter

Head of 3D / 3D Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Art Director

Jigyu Yoon

Lauren Gaballo

Animation Director

Alessandro Ceglia

Director of Creative Technology

Michael Delaney

CG Lead

Elias Glasch

Lead Creative Technologist

Charlie Whitney


Chelsea Lee

Dan Muangprasert

Devin Mathews

João Lavieri

Julia Mattos

Lauren Gaballo

Nikko Gary

Tiago Calliari

Tristyn Pease

3D Animation

Adam Dotson

Christopher Meek

Elizabeth Golan

Hillary McCarthy

Josh Baum

Peter DeSalvo


Alfonso Petersen

Irmak Semiz


Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Fleming Lin


Dave Evans

Creative Technologist

Anthony Enns

Daniel Vettorazi

Tayler Johnson


Music Studio