Adobe Creative Cloud Ident


To celebrate the latest release of their Creative Cloud, Adobe wanted to do something special. So we took their logo and a couple dozen crackerjack artists and spun some interdisciplinary, animated magic.

Get that Mograph Mojo working.

Using the silhouette of the Creative Cloud logo, we designed and animated seven discipline-specific pieces of art inspired by the following themes: growth, community, collaboration, reinvention.

To capture that spirit of collaboration that is the raison d’etre of the Creative Cloud, we opened this brief up to the entire BUCK collective to riff on, and we did not limit them in style or medium.

(Joe Strummer voice) What have we got?

We got dozens of designs everyday from the team. The diversity of concepts and ideas on the table in phase one was an embarrassment of riches. There were no wrong ways forward. Just interesting paths to explore. Through progressive iteration, we developed our different approaches until we began narrowing the scope of candidates down to a truly magnificent seven.

True Colors

The direction we received that each design should align with a corresponding brand color (and could be feasibly produced with a corresponding Adobe tool) turned out to be a great creative spark.

Photo Compositing
Photoshop & Lightroom


Print & Publishing

Motion Graphics
Premier & After Effects

Adobe XD

3D & AR
Substance Designer & Aero

Hitting the curve ball

Originally, we were creating six expressions of the CC logo. But when the opportunity presented itself to use footage of Billie Eilish for a seventh design, we jumped at the chance. Billie was partnering with Adobe on the Creative Cloud for Teachers and Students campaign so, with her blessing, we folded her and her flames into the Premier category.

Evolving Design

In practice, this concept grew into an animated exquisite corpse. An evolving design that is handed off from one discipline and color to the next. We developed an animation guide that we lovingly dubbed “The Nexus” to help the audience follow along. The Nexus has a kinetic rhythm, lending a persistence of vision that allows the audience to track the animation through its rapid-fire evolution.



Executive Creative Director

Orion Tait

Executive Producer

Billy Mack

Creative Director

Jon Gorman


Russell Greene

Tracey McDonough

Art Director

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills

Animation Lead

Gilles Desmadrille


Guillermo Zapiola

Haeri Cho

Hannah Sun

Kuu Chen

Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi

Mark Kulakoff

Max Vogel

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills

Nikko Gary

Patrick Sluiter

Philip Sierzega

Remi Sorbet

Thea Glad

Will Burkart

Yker Moreno

Yukyung Lee

Zack Williams


Fabian Rousseau

Gilles Desmadrille

Hannah Sun

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills

Zack Williams


Chris Ribar

Shane O'Hara