Adventures with Zeee Bucks


Based on a book from Ally, Adventures with Zeee Bucks is an AR app + physical piggy bank that teaches kids about financial literacy through interactive storytelling in Augmented Reality.

Welcome to Planet Zeee ↓

Using a smartphone, kids track a specially-designed AR Marker Piggy Bank to explore Planet Zeee, a world dreamed up by Ally to educate kids about money.

Follow the protagonist, Emma as she earns, spends, and saves money with her new friends, the Zeee Kids.

Learning with Augmented Reality

Each side of the Piggy Bank teaches kids a different lesson about financial literacy. Tapping on ‘Emma’ plays an animation lesson as she guides you through your lesson. Tapping on props and scenery brings the world to life for hours of fun and exploration.

Each AR lesson ends with a giant, digital coin going in or out of the piggy bank (depending if Emma spent or saved money) — connecting the digital world of Planet Zeee to the physical piggy bank.

BUCK Massive meets Ally

Starting with conceptual development and ending with delivery, we touched every aspect of this as we brought Emma’s colorful world to life.

UX & UI Design, custom 3D pipelines, Creative Tech — we brought all the teams at BUCK together on this one.

We designed the app to be super simple for kids to use, with an in-depth tutorial section that lets parents help teach their kids how to explore Planet Zeee on their own.

Characters, Props, & Sets

Our 3D team designed all our assets to run as efficiently as possible using low poly counts, baked textures, and lights/passes that could all be translated into Unity and rendered in real-time.



Chief Creative Officer

Orion Tait

Chief Innovation Officer

Fredrik Frizell

Executive Producer

Ryan McGrath

Creative Director

Jodi Terwilliger

Associate Creative Director

Philip Sierzega


Max Lauter

CG Supervisor

Bill Dorais

Senior Art Director

Casey Latiolais

Morgan Schweitzer

Director of Creative Technology

Michael Delaney

Creative Technologist

Kellan Cartledge

Ryan Nelson

CG Lead

Joy Tien

Lead Creative Technologist

Charlie Whitney


Dave Evans


Ida Zhu

Morgan Schweitzer

Thea Glad


Carmel Gatchalian

João Lavieri

Morgan Schweitzer

UX Designer

Philip Sierzega


Bryan Eck

Ida Zhu

Irmak Semiz

Joy Tien

Kat Smith

Rigging Supervisor

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco


Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza

3D Animation

Anthony Travieso

Ida Zhu

Kevin Nguyen

Matt Parent

2D Animation

Lumi Chang

Concept Development

Vinicius Naldi


Music Studio