Amazon Beatles


We came groovin’ up slowly with monkey fingers, joo joo eyeballs and a slightly different approach to this Amazon Music spot.

Although technically part of the Amazon “Lips” campaign, we focused this spot on the instruments because animating the lips of John and George didn’t feel right to anyone. We explored various ways in before deciding to bookend the spot with the most famous crosswalk in the world.

And these aren’t just any instruments. These are the instruments. The ones that played every beat, strum, and lick from Maxwell’s Silver Hammer to Polythene Pam. We worked closely with Apple Corps and Sir Paul McCartney himself in all his knighted glory to ensure the authenticity of every detail against Abbey Road session photography.

Big BUCK thank you to the entire Amazon Music team for this unforgettable duet!



Executive Creative Director

Ryan Honey

Executive Producer

Luisa Murray

Creative Director

Joe Mullen

Associate Creative Director

Fernando Bittar


David Guti Rosado

Serena Noorani

CG Supervisor

Alex Dingfelder

Animation Director

Alessandro Ceglia


Bruna Imai

Felipe Contreras

Jong Lee

Shannon Rollins

Look Development

Chloe Tu

Eugene Goryachev

Irmak Semiz

Kien Hoang

Michele Herrera

Rigging Supervisor

Ernesto Ruiz Velasco


Jing Huang

Juan Carlos Barraza Mendoza


Chloe Tu

Eugene Goryachev

Kien Hoang

Michele Herrera

3D Animation

Josh Baum

Technical Animation

Kevin Weber

Cel Animation

Jake Armstrong

2D Animation

Jonas Mosesson

Nick Petley


Alex Dingfelder

Chloe Tu

Eugene Goryachev

Kien Hoang

Marc Steinberg

Michele Herrera

Tina Chao


Billy Kostka

Paal Rui

Patrick O'Leary