A Voice Is All You Need

This campaign is a fun, ‘a cappella’ celebration of music and personal expression for Amazon Music, powered by Alexa. Each spot for this series is unique, reflecting the breadth and diversity of the different musical styles. We strived for each one to capture the look and feel of the artist, their song, and their world.

01. SZA & Kendrick Lamar ↓

All The Stars

For this Academy Award-nominated song from the Black Panther soundtrack we went intergalactic with some starry, cel animation. In order to differentiate Kendrick and SZA we did two styles of lips: Kendrick was angular and masculine, SZA was softer and more feminine. We also used tribal markings on the lips as a nod to the motherland. Wakanda Forever!

02. Queen ↓

Somebody to Love

Before Rami Malek lip-synched his way through Queen's back catalog, we did this isolated lift of one of their most iconic songs. Visually inspired by the soft, airbrushed artwork adorning the cover of ‘A Day at the Races,’ we also carefully studied film recordings of Freddy's rendition to capture the physicality and nuance of his performance (and those choppers!).

03. Whitney Houston ↓

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

This one is a glossy, luscious callback to the OG video — from the colors and locked-off camera to the transitions, we jumped that Hot Tub Time Machine to 1987. We even mirror her signature head bop with the movement of the lips to capture that intangible Whitney spirit. And for you dentists who noticed the over-abundance of teeth, this exaggeration was artistic license — when she hits those high notes, her mouth feels infinite.

04. Ariana Grande ↓

No Tears Left to Cry

What do you do with a four-octave voice that can hit the whistle register? You take it flying up in the air and into the clouds. These cumulus cuties were painted with old-school, matte paintings.

05. Imagine Dragons ↓


For Imagine Dragons we created the rugged, menacing, world of "Natural" for our 'Lips' to traverse. To achieve a rich, textured grittiness we built practical sets in-house with cardboard, silicone, glitter and paint and shot this icy beauty with stop-motion animation.

06. Taylor Swift ↓

You Need To Calm Down

For America’s Sweetheart we went bright and airy in a calming, 3-D garden that we stuffed with Easter eggs. From the butterflies modeled on the different artists who did cameos in the video, to Taylor’s own cat which we transformed into a kitschy, garden ornament. meow.

07. Chance The Rapper ↓

Sun Come Down

To bottle Chance the Rapper’s flow we went with a fluid, liquidy, B&W graphic style executed with old-school, cel animation. We poured in details from his world: vinyl, cassette tapes, turntables, and, of course, the mean streets of Chi-town.