Necessity is the mother of invention.

We had to develop a WFH system on the fly — it was a logistical challenge figuring out this new system of collaboration. Amazon needed five :30 spots, five :15 cutdowns, and a full launch video. So we broke up the job into modular sections to divide and conquer.

Halo is Amazon’s answer to the fitness tracker. But unlike other devices, there is no screen. The interface is entirely through your phone or tablet. Halo is a passive tracker that monitors activity, exercise, body composition, sleep, and even tone of voice! We created videos highlighting each of these components.

We developed a concept of miniatures and a production design based on concentric circles. The set pieces rotate around a fixed point with real-world mechanics like stagecraft, complete with hidden compartments and trap doors. Each vignette showcases a different feature of the Halo.

We wanted the characters to read as realistic miniatures. The idea was to reserve facial features for close-ups to accentuate that feeling, so we focused on giving these characters a tactile quality and tried to have at least one ‘call out’ material per character. We also used abstract color as a way to add some fun and create diversity within our cast.

Interesting plot twist: we used pets as a way to humanize our characters and add levity. From a GOAT fist bump to a cat knocking a glass of water off a table, pets provided some much needed comic beats.